Aprilaire Models 8444/8446/8448 Non-Programmable Thermostats


Convenient, easy to use, digital accuracy. There’s no longer a reason to use a mechanical thermostat. Get all the benefits of bringing your heating and cooling system into the digital age.

Aprilaire Models 8444, 8446 and 8448 Non-Programmable Thermostats are mercury-free and provide pinpoint accuracy and control for ultimate comfort. If you don’t need a programmable thermostat, but desire the features of an electronic over a mechanical thermostat, then this type is the best choice for your home. Aprilaire Non-Programmable Thermostats contain compact computers providing outstanding energy efficiency and, depending on which model you choose, can work with single or multi-stage, heat pump and hydronic systems. 

Features & Benefits
The Aprilaire 8400 Series Non-Programmable Thermostats are attractive, simple to use and offer:

  • Large LCD Screen with high contrast - for easy reading.
  • Temperature Readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius

    Additional Features:

    • Outdoor Temperature Reading for convenience and comparison (requires optional outdoor temperature sensor).
    • Circulate Fan Mode means that the fan comes on for 10 minutes every 30 minutes for better indoor air quality plus reduces hot or cold spots within your home.
    • Service Reminder tells you when you should change your air filter to protect your equipment and water panel to keep your humidifier running in optimum condition. It also can remind you to service your equipment or humidifier to insure the longevity of your investment.

    Which Model is Right for Me?
    If you want the simplicity of a mechanical thermostat, but the benefits of an electronic thermostat, consider an Aprilaire 8400 Series Non-Programmable Thermostat.

    Model 8444 Non-Programmable Thermostat—Heat/Cool. Also can display outdoor temperature.

    Model 8446 Non-Programmable Thermostat—Heat Pump. Includes Emergency Heat Mode. Also can display outdoor temperature.

    Model 8448 Non-Programmable Thermostat—Multistage Heat Cool or Heat Pump. Also can display outdoor temperature.

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