Aprilaire Model 8870 Communicating Thermostat


Are you building your dream home or have you already built it? Do you want or have a system that enables you to control all your audio, video, security and lighting systems from one central location? Of course you do—but what about your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC)? If you truly want the utmost in comfort and convenience for your family and home, your automation system has to include HVAC.

Take controlling your heating and air conditioning system to a whole new level. Aprilaire’s Communicating Thermostats can be integrated into a home automation system or controlled right from your home's PC. Never again will you have to walk around to each thermostat to control the temperature in different areas of your house. The 8870 also simplifies the process when you have 4, 6, 10, 20 or more thermostats. Simply control your HVAC through an automation system or your personal computer whether at home, at work or from any other location.

Whether you’re building a new home with total smart-home automation in mind or are making your current home smarter—the Aprilaire 8870 Communicating Thermostats promise you total convenience and control 24-7.

You want a simple but technologically advanced system that can give you total control over all your home’s systems. Aprilaire’s Communicating Thermostats can be integrated into a whole-home automation system or controlled right from your home’s computer giving you the control you want and need.

Whole-Home Automation
Sophisticated whole-home automation systems are making the home of the future a reality. Today’s homes are being built with even the most basic automated systems such as home security or lighting systems. Aprilaire’s Communicating Thermostats are capable of seamlessly integrating into those systems, so instead of using a thermostat to just control your climate needs, you can use one automation system to control your HVAC, lighting, security, audio/video and other home automation needs.

PC Control
What if I don’t have a home automation system? Aprilaire offers a package that allows you to take control of your thermostats through your personal computer. Program, monitor, set limits, view history and see the current outdoor temperature while sitting at your home computer, and better yet, with Internet access you can do all this from outside your home—anywhere in the world. This package is an excellent monitor and control option for second or vacation homes and condos.

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